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phpSpell Change Log

    This software is free to download and use; but please feel free to donate.

    Beta 1.06r -
        - Added PHPBB v3.0 Support
	- Fixed Suggest Issue
    Beta 1.06q -
        - Fixed Safari 3 Issues

    Beta 1.06p -
        - Fixed IE UTF Encoding issue on some sites (see IE_UTF_Encode variable)
        - Fixed Drop S support on words that are actually misspelleded with a double s
        - Fixed for newer PHP support using _REQUEST / _POST / _COOKIE variables
        - Added user supplied Polish language file (Thanks Pablo)
        - Fixed Word_Is_Case warning.  (But was added in 106m)
        - Fixed issue with pspell module
        - Added user supplied smf module

     Beta 1.06o -
        - Fixed Safari Support
        - Updated Install Instructions
        - Added some Beta support for html coloring schemes (phpbb_alpha)

     Beta 1.06n -
        - Fixed a minor bug in Language Support
        - Re-Added Opera 7.2 Support (Removed in 1.06m)
        - Re-Added First Found "Correct" word (Removed in 1.06m)
        - Fixed some Documentation issues

     Beta 1.06m -
        - Fixed a minor bug in Language Support
        - Fixed MSSQL support
        - Updated vBulletin support
        - Updated Spell Engine to Properly support Russian (& other Languages) character sets
        - Updated Engine to allow Language files to have Localizations
        - Updated Engine to automatically remove html entities.
        - Added Uppercase/Lowercase/Propercase word detection for suggested words

     Beta 1.06l -
        - Added Russian Language Support
        - Fixed lockup/loop bug in REALLY weird cases.
        - Fixed a typo in MySQL support
        - Changed virtually all " to ' in code -- PHP handles ' quote code faster.
        - Added support to the Javascript to allow the First Found "Correct"
          word to be put in the word correction box.
        - Fixed Opera 7.2

     Beta 1.06k -
        - Added phpMail support

     Beta 1.06j -
        - Fixed [img][/img] and other tag problems.
        - Fixed Opera Problem in starting spell checker

     Beta 1.06i -
        - Fixed major PHP lockup/loop bug.  Thanks to Mosc for informing me of the
          problem. Fixed the Root problem.
        - Hopefully I finally got PHPNuke 6.5 support working.  :)
        - Fixed minor bug in installion on PHPBB
        - Fixed "[img" tag bug.  It also could effect a couple other tags.

     Beta 1.06h -
        - Fixed minor Spacing bug with Mozilla 1+
        - Fixed PHPNuke 6.5 support (Included wrong support file in last version)
        - Rewrote DB engine AGAIN. :-)  So that Support for others is much easier
          to add.
        - Added support for PSPELL
        - Added support for Invision

     Beta 1.06g -
        - Fixed a bug with Opera 7.0
        - Added support for Hivemail 1.2
        - Updated Database support to be independant of PHPBB (like the very first
          version of phpSpell)
        - Add PHPBB, Hivemail, and Native database type libraries.

     Beta 1.06f -
        - Mozilla 1.0x - fixed support
        - Macintosh Browser Support(?)
        - Opera 7+ final support
        - Fixed phpnuke admin problems(?)
         - Cleaned up some variable names

     Beta 1.06d & 1.06e -
        - Fixed a couple more admin phpnuke issues added by the new admin code
          in 1.06c.
        - Fixed my typo; phpnuke is supported, postnuke is NOT!
        - Fixed a stupid security hole.  :-)

     Beta 1.06c -
        - Fixed a couple more PhpNuke issues
        - Switched to MJ's Spell_Admin module (Thanks! for layout & formating to
          use the PHPBB Themes)
        - Updated Spell_Admin to verify user is Admin; You can now leave the file
          on the server!
        - Added optional instruction of how to add language tables to backup

      Beta 1.06b -
        - Minor change to button html code in readme  (added: class="mainoption")
        - Updated SQL statement for word table creation (Saves about 3megs)
        - Add PHPNuke support (For sites that use phpbb w/ phpnuke)
        - Fixed a couple bugs in the Diagnostics
        - Fixed the Table prefix not being added

      Beta 1.06a -
        - Added Opera 7 Beta Support
        - Added back in "Insert Word Wrap" system (& fixed it to work much better
          than v1.05).    Should be accurate the majority of the time.  :)
        - Removed bogus "[c" tag from config & Added missing Tags.
        - Fixed several "&" ampersand problems.
        - Removed Index on "Word" -- Unique(Word) automatically adds a index;
          (Saves about 2megs disk space)
        - Fixed minor warning error message in Diags / Installer from a last
          minute 1.06 change.
        - Fixed a couple minor Javascript problems.
        - Separated PHPBB specific code into its own module
        - Can load Smilies table from PHPBB now.  :)
        - Moved all configuration variables into a $Spell_Config array.

    Beta 1.06 -
        - Re-wrote parsing engine (Its now FASTER.  :-D)
        - Fixed a unicode conversion problem (Internet Explorer is the only one
          that needed the fix)
        - Fixed a Language problem with mysql.
        - Updated the table to support Internal Theasures & Dictionary in the future
        - Turned most options into Arrays.
        - Re-wrote part of the language system; now the Table, Common Words, All
          Characters, Translation & Sound
          functions are part of the Language Template File.  (English now is a
          template) spell_English.php now has about 50 of the most commonly used
          english words; to speed up spell checking.
        - Added support to totally disable Off_By_One support.
        - Fixed a minor bug with ENTER/RETURNS as first characters in messages
        - Added support to the engine to allow the user to set his language & Lev
          Distance -- Front end still needs to have this added to it.  So it doesn't
          really work yet.
        - Added an additional security check
        - Removed TAG Closing System & Other unused settings now (Not Needed Anymore)
        - Removed "Insert Word Wrap" system.   (This is the only downside to the
          new engine)
        - Updated Installer to allow you to Force "Safe Mode" support.  If the script
          times out; click this option And try again.
        - Allow Each Language to be in a separate table.  Once the Client interface
          has the ability to choose the Language; then the script will allow you to
          have true multi-lingual board spell checking.

    Beta 1.05k -
        - Fixed a Unicode conversion problem
        - Should fix a Max Execution timeout problem for some really weird servers.
        - Updated diagnostics

    Beta 1.05j -
        - Fixed a couple bug with ending ' removal

    Beta 1.05i -
        - Fixed problem with PHP 4.2 and the lack of globalized variables
        - Updated Installer to be time based for display
        - Updated Diags to give better db error messages.

    Beta 1.05h -
        - Updated Diagnostics to include additional information and one more word.
        - Updated JS / Spellcheck engine to support Thesaurus.
        - Updated Cookie support to be more universal naming.
        - Updated Spellcheck engine to Drop ('s) & (s) support (Enabled by default)
        - Updated Installer to be smarter for safe mode & allow now add a single word

    Beta 1.05g -
        - Fixed a bug with Mysql4 table support not supplying "corrections"
        - Sorted Corrections list to be the words with the closest match to
          be at the top of the list
        - Added "Off_By_One_Search" support.  (See Spell_Config.php file)

    Beta 1.05f -
        - Fixed a minor javascript problem handling words with ' in them
        - Added Spell_diags.php

    Beta 1.05e -
        - Fixed a Javascript problem in the spellmessage.js file

    Beta 1.05d -
        - Fixed instruction problem

    Beta 1.05c -
        - Fixed installer case problem with '.dic' dictionaries

    Beta 1.05 -
        - Complete re-write of front-end client side.
        - Now supports Opera
        - Traffic to server has been reduced significantly
        - Multi-language support implemented
        - Fixed several small bugs
        - Added Learn, Correct ALL, Ignore ALL.

    Beta 1.04 -
        - Fixed the Javascript "Spell Check" button not working problem.
        - Add Spelling subdirectory

    Beta 1.03a -
            - Fixed the mod template to use uppercase commands.

    Beta 1.03 -
        - Updated installer to support those poor people with Safe_Mode enabled :)

    Beta 1.03rc2 - (Not released)
        - a lot less database overhead w/ better "bad" word matching.

    Beta 1.03rc1 - (Not released)
        - Complete backend engine rewrite
        - Allows much better skipping of tags & symbols & support for other languages
        - Integration with PHPBB's db layer.
        - Added Suggest to interface
        - Added Movement to the highlighted word for Internet Explorer

    Beta 1.02 -
        - New support for Symbols

    Alpha -
        - Original Release by Ifroggy

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