We have developed our own congo (multi-site) based shopping cart (CongoCart) from scratch that offers:
  • Unlimited Stores with each store having unlimited users.
    Allows you to have users to process orders and users to update products.
  • Combined Shopping Cart for all Stores.
    Your customers only pay once!
  • The cart automatically pays all stores their portion of any orders -- automatically.
  • Complete Paypal Integration.
  • Users can only edit the stores they are assigned to.
  • Easy to use Security System, You decided what each user of your store can do.
  • Customer Shipment Tracking - Customers can login and check the status of there order at any time.
  • Fund Distribution System. You can automatically take a percent of all orders for any type of fund you want (Like Advertising).
  • Integrated Discount system. Give Site wide, store wide or product discounts.
  • Many options for each products, to allow you to customize price, availability, shipping and more.
  • Individual Tax Rates per Store.
  • Complete Templating System.
    We make the Congo look like you want it.
  • Each store can have a very flexable about pages.
  • Complete Image Management, including automatic image resizing.
  • Ability to have random product picture show up if you have more than one picture for a product.
  • Complete Administration System
  • Receipts -- You can print them for your records.
  • Stock in carts from Un-completed orders is returned to stock!
  • Easy to manage Shipping system.
  • By Category, All Stores, and/or by each Store shopping.
  • Themes system
  • Featured Store System
  • Statistics
  • Live / Preview Settings on Products (With Auto-Switch at certain times)
  • Searching *
  • Automatically generated Contact Form based -- No more spam from web harvested emails addressed!
  • Random Ordering of all products shown
  • Custom Category Order
  • Unlimited Galleries Per Store
  • Per-Product Optional Automatic Disabling of products sold-out.
  • Per-Product Optional Automatic Enabling at set date/time of products.
  • Unlimited Products, Auctions, Galleries, and Images.
  • Excellent Support with New functions being added all the time.
  • We take seriously any and all features you request.
  • VERY Low COST Hosting of the Congo Cart on fast servers
  • Email to/from using your Domain Name, so each of your stores in your can have store@yourdomain.com